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Dir/Prod: Joële Walinga
World Premiere DOXA
Distributed by Grasshopper Films
"Shot with elegance and precision by cinematographer Maya Bankovic, GOD STRAIGHTENS LEGS is a film of profound intimacy, generosity, and reverence for small moments of grace."- Dan Schindel, Vertical Features

"It is a moment of cinematic miracle-making—formally brilliant and deeply tender... The mark of an artist attuned to others, patiently willing to explore across difference, and with the unmistakable talent and vision to translate these experiences into affecting work. If the future of Canadian moving-image practice looks anything like Joële Walinga, then we are in good hands." -Cléo Journal

"Walinga handles death and faith—two of the trickiest subjects one could encounter—with the utmost sensitivity... It is a moment of revelatory filmmaking"

-POV Magazine

"A rare intimacy of form and content... God Straightens Legs does not simply immerse the audience in Renée’s physical space, but mental and spiritual headspace as well." -Screen Anarchy

Filmmaker Joële Walinga documents a moment of faith and waiting in the life of her Christian mother, a French-Canadian living in the Bible Belt who has opted to forgo cancer treatment.

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