Dir. Chelsea McMullan / Prod: Sean O'Neill. Visitor Media, National Ballet of Canada 2022
World Premiere VIFF 2022 / Winner, Audience Award, Showcase
Formats: Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini, 16mm

"The documentary is a remarkable record of the creative process; in the retrospective context of global loss, the project acquires a ghostly, prophetic quality. What occurs on stage is nothing short of extraordinary—the unearthly lighting, the evocative music, and especially the bodies of the dancers, straining and stricken in sorrow. In a bold decision, the performance of Angels’ Atlas is shown in its entirety in the second half of the film. Sublime, moving, cathartic in its pulsing grief and meditation on mortality and transience, this documentary is one of the most moving pieces of art to ever be captured on film." 
- Vancouver International Film Festival